ModernHttpClient Pro Edition

For Enterprises, a paid version of ModernHttpClient is now available, which enables using ModernHttpClient with self-signed TLS/SSL certificates. You can find this version in the »

Introducing Refit 2.0

I've just released a brand new version of Refit, the portable C# library inspired by Jake Wharton's Retrofit. What's Refit? Refit (along with »

Introducing Squirrel for Windows

A long time ago, I said to myself, "I should write my own installer and update framework for Desktop Windows apps, because everything else out there »

Parallels: The best Android Emulator I've ever used

If you're doing Android development, a non-default VM is a must; the ARM Emulator is a complete pain to work with. There are several options based »

I Am Not Web Scale: Wunderlist Edition

A few months ago, I posted about the Open Source projects I was currently working on, and that I was maintaining too many things. Fortunately, most »

Akavache 4.0 is Released

After 8 months of work and 424 commits from 7 authors, Akavache 4.0 is now released! Thanks to the contributors for this release: Johan Laanstra »