Introducing Squirrel for Windows

A long time ago, I said to myself, "I should write my own installer and update framework for Desktop Windows apps, because everything else out there is abysmally bad." After 2 years, 6 months, and 29 days of regret, here it is, the feature-complete Beta of Squirrel for Windows: With… »

Parallels: The best Android Emulator I've ever used

If you're doing Android development, a non-default VM is a must; the ARM Emulator is a complete pain to work with. There are several options based on QEMU and VirtualBox (Intel HAXM and Genymotion, respectively), and both of them are vastly better than the default. At my day job, I… »

I Am Not Web Scale: Wunderlist Edition

A few months ago, I posted about the Open Source projects I was currently working on, and that I was maintaining too many things. Fortunately, most of those things were accomplished! ModernHttpClient, ReactiveUI, and Akavache all have had new major releases recently. In that post, I screenshotted my Wunderlist list… »

Akavache 4.0 is Released

After 8 months of work and 424 commits from 7 authors, Akavache 4.0 is now released! Thanks to the contributors for this release: Johan Laanstra Oren Novotny Brendan Forster Phil Haack Herman Banken Oskar Hermansson In particular, a huge thanks goes to Johan, who migrated the SQLite-based backend to… »

What's new in ReactiveUI 6: ReactiveCommand

One of the largest breaking changes in ReactiveUI 6.0 is the new ReactiveCommand. Since this change is the most likely one to mess with your existing code, I wanted to make sure to get the blog post about it as soon as possible. What was wrong with the old… »

Welcome to ReactiveUI 6.0

After 8 months of work, 878 commits, and 1032 files changed, ReactiveUI 6.0 is finally released, the biggest RxUI release ever! A huge thanks to our contributers for this release: Johan Laanstra Oren Novotny Todd Berman Michael Teper Felipe Lessa Amy Palamountain Dennis Daume Rik Bosch James Nugent Phil… »