Live Coding 0x5, Rx Testing

Get ready for the fifth episode of Live Coding, this Wednesday the 13th, at 12:30pm PST!

Update: Check out the video for this event - due to Technical Difficulties™, the topic was changed at the last minute to, Rx Testing in Akavache.Http:

How do I join? {#howdoijoin}

Click on the oversized logo, or head to

Tell me more! {#tellmemore}

This week, we'll be continuing on the Sample Application that we worked on in Episode 0x4 - this time, we'll dive a bit into Android and see how we can reuse our ViewModel code there too.

The Rules

  • Even though the feature is pre-announced, zero(*) of the code is pre-written. This isn't a canned tutorial video, you'll be watching me code everything live, including all of my dumb mistakes.

  • General programming, Rx questions and non-sequiturs are highly encouraged. Not only can you ask questions via chat, you totally should.

The more people chat, the more interesting it is. Come and talk shop!